Self-Guided Course: How to Start Your Coaching Business by Liz Huber

Self-Guided Course: How to Start Your Coaching Business

Get the full step-by-step blueprint to start your own coaching business: from finding your niche, creating transformational coaching packages and pricing your services to acquiring clients and organizing your coaching business.

Countless exercises and done-for-you templates for coaching agreements, client and sales emails, client management sheets, sales calls scripts, market research interview templates, coaching application templates and many more.

Continuous support from me throughout the course - I reply to every single comment on the lessons and you get special email access for any further questions you have! This is not just the content, you are fully covered with everything you need!

About the Teacher

Hi, I am Liz, Mindset & Productivity Coach and your Host for this course. Over the past 2 years I have coached hundreds of people all over the world. When I had my first $5k month, I didn't have a coaching certification and only 600 people on my email list. In this course I want to teach you everything I've learned and give you all the resources you need to start your own coaching practice. Trust me, it's a lot easier than you think and you already have everything you need!

What's included?

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In-Course & Email Support
Module 1: How to Find Your Niche
1.1. What is a Niche?
1.2. Why You Need a Niche
1.3. Good Niches vs. Bad Niches
1.4. How to Find Your Niche
Recommended Resources
Module 2: How to Create Your Personal Brand Profile
2.1. The Step-by-Step Guide to Create Your Own Website
CHECKLIST: Complete Website Checklist (Trello Board)
VIDEO WALKTHROUGH: Wix Website Builder
15 mins
2.2. Your Social Media Profiles
2.3. 6 Fast-Track Ways to Position Yourself as an Expert
CASE STUDY: Melody Wilding
Module 3: How to Create Transformational Coaching Packages
3.1. The Bridge: The ONLY Thing that Matters for your Coaching Programs
3.2. How to Find Out What Your Clients Really Want
3.4. How to Test your Coaching Packages & Methodology
3.3. How to Package Your Services
Coaching Program Example 1: 3-Month Signature Program
Coaching Program Example 2: Productivity VIP Day
E-Mail Template: Customer Research Interview Invitation
Market Research Example Script 1_ Productivity Coaching for Entrepreneurs.docx
7.59 KB
Market Research Example Script 1_ Productivity Coaching for Entrepreneurs.pdf
44.8 KB
Market Research Example Script 2_ Group Coaching for Startup CEOs.docx
10.1 KB
Market Research Example Script 2_ Group Coaching for Startup CEOs.pdf
78.6 KB
Recommended Resources
Module 4: How to Price your Services
4.1. 5 Important Truths about Pricing Coaching Services
4.2. Do The Numbers
Recommended Resources
Module 5: How to Get Coaching Clients
5.1. Your Ideal Client
5.2. The 4 Basic Steps to Get Clients
5.3. The 3 Main Client Acquisition Approaches
5.4. Strategy 1: The Network Strategy
5.5. Strategy 2: The Speak-for-Free Strategy
5.6. Strategy 3: The Content Strategy
5.7. Develop & Execute Your Marketing & Sales Strategy
5.8. 10 Tips to Close any Lead
E-Mail Template: Invitation to First Coaching Session
Template: Coaching Application
Template: Sales Call Script
Recommended Resources
Module 6: How to On-Board Clients
6.1. Client On-Boarding Process & Checklist
6.2. The Coaching Agreement: Checklist & Tips
6.3. How to Take Payments & Get Paid on Time
E-Mail Template: Client On-Boarding
Coaching Agreement_Template.docx
13.8 KB
Coaching Agreement_Template.pdf
113 KB
Module 7: Serve Exceptionally & Create Raving Fans
7.1. The 10 Habits of Extraordinary Coaches
7.2. How to Ask for Feedback & Get Testimonials
Template: Feedback Questionnaire
E-Mail Template: Feedback
Recommended Resources
Module 8: How to Organize Your Coaching Business
8.1. How to Manage your Coaching Clients & Sessions
8.2. Productivity Tips to Build a Business that Runs Like Clockwork
8.3. 8 Must-Have Tools to Organize your Coaching Business
8.4. Self-Care Tips for Busy Coaches
Template: Client Management System in Airtable
Recommended Resources
Bonus Q&A
Bonus Q&A Recording
11 mins

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